Let's Play Deterioration Pt.2


Hey, what's up guys? I'm finally playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Only, this isn't Amnesia, it's Deterioration, an Amnesia full conversion mod. If you're looking for the download link it will be at the bottom of the description.

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Deterioration is a full conversion for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, featuring an entirely new focus on atmosphere and horror. It focuses less on startling the player and more on immersing the player in a deep, subtle story with psychologically horrifying themes. All item glow has been disabled, so try everything, repeat, EVERYTHING. All items include a description of their use upon interaction, so if you're stuck, try messing around with everything, and think hard about your ultimate goal. This story was inspired by Myst, so the puzzles will feature similar attributes and you will need to use your head often. Play in a dark room with headphones if possible.

Twitch- http://twitch.tv/thetrucommentator